Aurelia’s products combine everything we have passion for: great Scandinavian design, great sound quality and an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

The design language created by the designer for Aurelia clearly stands out from the market. Sophisticated Scandinavian design and the harmony of the materials used create a serene overall impression. Aurelia’s speaker collection consists of versatile color and surface options, which contribute to making our speakers an ideal sound solution for even the most demanding interiors.


Aurelia’s speakers use a completely unique structure. The biggest advantage compared to a conventional speaker enclosure is the much stronger structure of the enclosure we designed.

In terms of production, the structure is very flexible and allows the production of different surface variations in a significantly shorter time than in traditional enclosures – so special models made to special order are much easier to perform than in conventional enclosure solutions. Thanks to the structure, the throughput time of the case in production also drops substantially compared to traditional miter cases.

Wave motion

Aurelia’s starting point for speaker design is different from our competitors. For us, the operation of the speaker is based purely on wave motion physics. Our design assumes that the radiators formed by the speaker elements must be proportional to the wavelengths they produce. In this way, the best possible consistency is achieved between the element solutions, and a uniform total radiation in different directions.


Aurelia’s voice has everything that needs to be, but nothing extra – A pure, intangible and calm voice captivates the listener. The sound image created by Aurelia’s speakers is far more present and three-dimensional than in traditional speaker solutions. The sound picture is closer to the panel speakers than to traditional dynamic speakers.

Often, for speaker manufacturers, the guiding principle in speaker design is to find speaker elements whose properties match the manufacturer’s view of the right sound in a particular price range. In marketing, the emphasis is mainly on the quality of the elements and components used, while acoustic design principles are often given less attention.

Here at Aurelia we do things a little differently.


The acoustic design of the speakers utilizes the laws of physics so that the elements are adapted to operate acoustically in their most natural frequency range. This means that Aurelia speakers utilize the inherent acoustic energy of the speaker elements themselves. In this case, there is no need to force the elements to reproduce frequencies unsuitable for them. In this way, the amount of electronic correction is kept to a minimum and the sound remains as clean as possible.

Aurelia speakers use only premium elements and components, but they are primarily designed to operate on the terms of the acoustic concept we have developed. Personally, we always emphasize the importance of the overall acoustic design for the end result.

Even the best components cannot compensate for a lack of acoustic design.

The energy distribution of Aurelia’s speakers is very even compared to traditional speaker solutions. In practice, the sound of our speakers changes in a very controlled way as you move aside from the listening axis. In addition, the speaker directs the sound more towards the listener than usual. In this case, the proportion of sound reflected from the walls and floor remains smaller than with traditional speaker solutions. As a result, the speaker behaves very well even in awkward listening conditions – even in reverberating rooms, the speaker sound remains controlled and listened to.