Welcome to Aurelia!

Aurelia speakers combine an elegant and timeless appearance with an unique acoustical principle, which provides a superior performance when compared to traditional speaker designs.

The technology, which has received multiple test victories and an enormous amount of praise throughout the whole audio community in recent years, has now been harnessed towards creating the most inspirational loudspeaker brand of our time – Aurelia.


  • Once again an incredibly good review of Aurelia Cerica, this time from Alpha-Audio from Netherlands. Conclusion:
    ”Absurd good!”

    Think about it!

  • The Dutch magazine, Alpha-Audio reviewed Aurelia Aniara and were very enthusiastic about these:

    ” The Finn, Antti Louhivaara know for sure what he’s doing. The Aniara is a surprisingly musical speaker. The middle and high is extremely clean. Recommended for those looking for something compacts but decent instead.”

  • Doug Schneider from SoundStage! reviewed the Aurelia Cerica and the result was endless praising combined with Reviewers’ Choice-label. Later in 2013 Cerica was chosen into the ”Recommended Reference Component” -list:

    “Antti Louhivaara’s focus on the acoustical solution has resulted in the XO Cerica looking different from anything else out there, and in it outperforming, in certain areas, almost everything else. When you’re sitting in the sweet spot, two of those areas are its soundstaging and imaging, which put the speaker in a league of its own, regardless of price.”

  • Aurelia Aniara were tested in Swedish Ljud&Bild magazine and the editor loved Aniaras so much that decided to buy these for the references of bookshelfers:

    ” It is simply amazing how much skilled sound that comes out of the little box. The soundstage is big and really well defined in view of what the speaker costs. I’m impressed with what it can do in both the homogeneity of sound and especially music pleasure. A really, really great little speaker!”

  • High Fidelity Magazine from Greece reviewed Aurelia Magenta and cheered it to the sky high:

    ”This new company with its renowned Finnish designer seems to have new ideas and fresh sound, as evidenced by the more approachable speaker which, given the very good price for the level of construction and performance, are ”doomed” to succeed.”

  • Aurelia Ambera took a clear victory in the comparison test of floorstanders in the TM-magazine. All three listeners set Ambera into first place:

    ”We still fell in love with the transparent, articulate sound and the sweet treble of Ambera. In addition the bass suits exceptionally into 20-30 sqm living rooms which is unusual for the floorstanders.”

  • More praising of Aniara. The mB-magazine estimated Aniara to be the absolute best value in its price category (++) ”The Choice of the Winner”:

    ”The sound is very pleasant and balanced. Instead of putting any single instrument par excellence, balance serves the wholeness.”

  • Hifimaailma-magazine reviewed Aurelia Aniara and gave it 5 stars and ”Absolutely Top Class”- recommendation:

    ”The well-balanced reproduction of Aniara guarantees enjoyable listening moments with many kind of music genres. Despite its extremely compact size, extends Aniara bass response at incredible low.”

  • Aurelia Aniara won the comparison test of the TM-magazine. There was reported to be nothing irritating in the sound of Aniara:

    ”Aniara´s upper frequencies are reproduced cleanly, stereo imaging is focused very precisely and there doesn’t exists any irritating features in its sound.”

  • Aurelia Magenta was chosen as the Best Loudspeaker of the Year in France and thus got the Best of 2012 -label from Hifi Video Home Cinema magazine.
  • Our little newcomer Aniara was reviewed by AudioVideo.fi magazine by Samu Saurama who was hugely impressed by the big sound of these little miracles:

    ”To summarise my thoughts about these small miracles, I can only say that, in terms of sound quality, they certainly made my jaw drop. Or perhaps I might remind you that a pair of Aniaras does not set you back thousands of euros, only hundreds, which makes it all even more unbelievable.”

  • Paul Messenger from HifiCritic.com made a full review of Aurelia Cerica and was enthusiastic enough about the speaker to give her recommended product -label:

    ”One of the more striking features of the Cerica´s sound is its very precise and tightly focused imaging. Impressive though the imaging is, however, it’s arguably only possible due to this speaker’s exceptional time-coherence and neutrality, which to these ears are the two factors most responsible for this design’s considerable success.”

  • AudioVideo.fi reviewed Aurelia Graphica and was so impressed by its quality that they decided to buy Graphicas for the reference speakers of the editorial:

    ”Aurelia Graphica is a highly addictive loudspeaker. At the same time it is exceptionally transparent and yet easy to listen and non-irritating. While sitting in the best listening position opens the stereo image as traditional speaker constructions – this much more expensive – typically do not have the ability. It’s like the first HD movie after DVD movies.”

  • Aurelia Magenta was tested by French magazine HIfi Home Cinema Video and got enormous praising by the reviewer:

    ”The stereo image has a pretty amazing space where each sound source is placed with a precision that only the best systems are capable to offer. More surprising for cabinets of this volume, reproduction of bass is worthy of much larger components. These small speakers that could remonstrate with many larger and more expensive, is essential to listen.”

  • Aurelia Saphira – a great success in Paris Salon Hi-Fi 2011-Show on 1-2. October. Saphira was widely regarded as the best sound of the Show:

    ”The ease, the absence of tension, transparency, completeness, the definition of all the bandwidth were never at fault: as speed, spatialization. These speakers are excellent Finnish new products on show … Some brands will be competing head. These speakers are highly technical products and quality really impressive for the price compared to many other brands.”

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